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Timken® bearing blocks, including the innovative mono block QM

Whirligig® rotation detectors (Braime)

Braime temperature probes

Our Optim'Protec® patented range of re-entrant angle guards 

Our Optim'Protec® patented range of re-entrant angle guards


  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Calculation and sizing of a drum
  • A constant stock of drums ready for
    machining (shaft and/or tube)
  • A constant stock of tubes
  • Rationalisation of your existing drums
  • Manufacture of rollers
    and supports from plans


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Our drums accessories


In addition to your orders for drums at very competitive prices, TRANSMECA supplies a range of bearings suitable for all applications and all budgets.

 TRANSMECA tensioner bearings

TRANSMECA tensioner bearings

This range of products - developed and manufactured by Transméca - comes in two versions: screw tensioner bearings (OT121-OT122) and reinforced tensioner bearings (OT130-OT140).

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 TIMKEN bearings

TIMKEN bearings

Justifying its reputation for innovation and quality, the Timken range of roller bearings, depending on the versions and among many advantages, offers sealing adapted to the applications concerned, easy disassembly/reassembly (and therefore substantial savings in terms of work time), less need for grease, the option to lock the bearing on the shaft, models with fixed or floating bearings etc.

The range we distribute comprises diametric seal pillow blocks (SNT/SAF), solid block spherical roller bearings, solid block tapered roller bearings (type E) and self-aligning ball-bearing bearings.
These roller bearings are interchangeable with standard industrial bearings of the same type.

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 Braime rotatiedetectoren

Braime rotation detectors


"The" reference! Installed on the end of an idler drum shaft, Whirligig® monitors the drum's rotation. Vibration doesn't affect its operation. Completely protected by a resistant cover, Whirligig® is fixed to the shaft via tapping or by a Magcon® magnet. A reinforced version in stainless steel is available for difficult environments.


The M800 is a rotation controller equipped with an induction detection mechanism. No contact with the shaft being monitored is necessary. After being calibrated on the motor's nominal speed, the M800 emits a first signal when there is a drop in speed of 10%, then a second when speed drops by 20%.


An inductive detection rotation controller, the M300 indicates dangerous low-speed conditions (<20%). It can be used on all rotating mechanisms.


The M100 is an inductive controller that detects and emits a signal if the mechanism stops for > 4 seconds. It can be used on all rotating mechanisms and requires no calibration.

 Bearing temperature probes

Bearing temperature probes


Attached to a bearing, they indicate a malfunction of the bearing's operation. When a bearing suffers, the temperature of the grease increases, triggering the sensor.

These cheap accessories avoid a lot of problems. A bearing in poor condition damages the drum's shaft, requiring its replacement or re-machining (if the shaft isn't welded) or the complete replacement of the drum if the shaft is welded.
Equipped with an integrated greaser, the probes do not need to be removed during bearing maintenance. The WDB7 probe is specifically designed to take the temperature at the surface. The whole range is ATEX approved..


 Optim'Protec® re-entrant angle guards

Optim'Protec® re-entrance angle guards

The items in the registered and patented Optim’Protec® range guarantee the safety of your staff during work on your conveyors.

Three products from this range seem especially worth to notice:

  • Optim'Protec TT® (re-entrant angle guards for head drums)
  • Optim'Protec TC® (re-entrant angle guards for snub drums))
  • Optim'Protec TR-Vé® (re-entrant angle guards for tail drums)

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