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A wide range of coatings

More than 24 tubes’ types in stock, fast action

Standard ? Customized ? We can meet your needs !

Transmeca has been making your drums for more than 35 years

You are the center of our thoughts...

Expertise and reputation known far beyond our borders


  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Calculation and sizing of a drum
  • A constant stock of drums ready for
    machining (shaft and/or tube)
  • A constant stock of tubes
  • Rationalisation of your existing drums
  • Manufacture of rollers
    and supports from plans


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TRANSMECA drums, a quality label!

Drums: "the" house specialty, with an international reach

TRANSMECA has manufactured drums in its workshops for over 35 years. Whether made from steel or stainless steel, or of a special (ground drums, grooved drums, squirrel cage drums…) or more traditional design: head (or drive) drums, tail or return drums, snub drums, bend drums, tension (or counterweight) drums, everything is possible... according to our production capacities.

Right from the start, our workshop has been as much concerned about the quality of its products as it has about meeting deadlines, as well as providing recommendations and advice. Over time, the philosophy has become a label well-recognised beyond our borders. Just to give one example, the demanding German market is open to our drums.


TRANSMECA'S strengths

Calculation and sizing Calculation and sizing

Not many drum manufacturers offer you this service. 
Obviously we give the same attention to the manufacture of drums with no prior calculations or plans.

More info about calculation and sizing


Rationalising your existing drums Rationalising your existing drums

Thanks to our technical expertise, and especially our calculation capabilities, we can offer to rationalise the drums you already have installed. This will reduce this equipment's consumption and the number of different items in your installations.


Different types of manufacture and finishing Different types of manufacture and finishing

As indicated above, TRANSMECA makes drums of different types. Our factory also offers all types of lagging in food grade or non-food grade rubber, in rubber with ceramic inlays, Slide Lag® etc.

More info about our products

We are also able to repair drums on the base of a preliminary examination to check the feasibility.


L'urgence Emergency response

Transmeca can make and deliver a drum within 24 hours, when the need is demonstrably urgent, for our customers.

Ask online for the price of a drum


Drum accessories  Drum accessories

We offer a range that is as varied as it is essential:

  • Timken®bearings, Complex® bearings and Transméca tensioner bearings,
  • Whirligig®rotation detectors,
  • Braime temperature probes,
  • Optim'Protec® re-entrant angle guards...

Découvrez  Discover our drum accessories


A complete range of products and services A range of products and services

Among other things we are able to offer:

 Groupe de commande
  • The dismantling or assembly of drums on-site,
  • The lagging of drums in your facilities,
  • The study and manufacture of a drum or roller for specific applications,
  • The recording, study and standardisation of drums and rollers on a site
  • Units such as a drum with greased bearings


Don't hesitate to contact us for any additional information you may require.



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