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A wide range of coatings

More than 24 tubes’ types in stock, fast action

Standard ? Customized ? We can meet your needs !

Transmeca has been making your drums for more than 35 years

You are the center of our thoughts...

Expertise and reputation known far beyond our borders


  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Calculation and sizing of a drum
  • A constant stock of drums ready for
    machining (shaft and/or tube)
  • A constant stock of tubes
  • Rationalisation of your existing drums
  • Manufacture of rollers
    and supports from plans


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Our services,
our strengths

The calculation and sizing of drums The calculation and sizing of drums

TRANSMECA is one of the few drum manufacturers to offer you this service. How does it work?

  • You provide us with essential information concerning your conveyor: speed, installed power, reversible or non-reversible conveyor, tensioning system (screw or counterweight), shaft centres, belt type and width, flow rate, elevation, use of scrapers, skirts etc.
  • You don't have this information? We can measure your drums on-site or in our workshop.
  • We enter this data into our calculation software - developed and based on numerous years' experience - and we size your drums.
  • We provide you with our technical proposal, along with our commercial proposal.
  • We then manufacture your drums on the basis of our study or according to your own plans if you so wish.

Of course, we give the same attention to the manufacture of drums with no prior calculations or plan.


Rationalising your existing drums Rationalising your existing drums

Thanks to our technical expertise, and especially our calculation capabilities, we can offer to rationalise the drums you already have installed. This rationalisation will have the effect of reducing this equipment's consumption, but also of reducing the number of different items in your installations.


Different types... Different types...

TRANSMECA makes drums of different types: drums with a welded shaft, shrink ring drums of the "BIKON" type, drums with a Taperlock hub of the "Transcobloc" type, drums with integrated bearings of the "UCFC" type, drums with a keyed shaft or squirrel cage drums.

Our workshop keeps a permanent stock of tubes. It also offers all types of lagging, in particular 45 and 65° SH A rubber (smooth or diamond, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20 mm thickness), food grade rubber, Slide Lag®, rubber with ceramic inlays or, on demand, polyurethane lagging.

... including in emergency

Option of the construction and delivery of a drum within 24 hours, when the need is demonstrably urgent, for our customers. Manufacturing a drum in such a short timescale results in the billing of extra costs, to the extent that it involves a significant change in the production schedule and therefore our staff's work schedules.


A range of drum accessories A range of drum accessories

We supply a range that is as varied as it is essential: Timken® and Complex® bearings, tensioner bearings of our own design, Whirligig® rotation detectors, Braime temperature sensors, Optim'Protec® range of re-entrant angle guards etc.


HThe manufacture of rollers and supports from plans The manufacture of rollers and supports from plans

In case of emergency or breakdown, TRANSMECA can om build conveyor rollers and their supports on the basis of plans for its customers. Our workshop can also recondition conveyor rollers if their condition does not require their complete replacement.

We also sell garlands composed of steel balls drilled and connected by stainless steel wire: the Mecatroll.


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